My name is Nathan.

Hi, I'm Nathan. I'm an animator, designer, 3D generalist and professional multitasker. I'm the Senior Motion Designer at Rational Interaction, where I craft handmade animations, orchestrate immersive augmented reality experiences, light and render 3D geometry, and contribute to Rational's general atmosphere of badassery.

My capabilities

I take a multidisciplinary approach to my work, but at the core is a passion for visual storytelling. Whether 2D, 3D, augmented reality or graphic design, I strive to infuse story and character into every pixel.


Animation is just as important as form and color to a design. I strive to infuse life and personality into every keyframe.


I use my experience in photography and set lighting as guiding principles for 3D rendering. Realistic renders require realistic workflows.


I get super dorky about AR and am working daily to advance my understanding of this emerging technology.